Thursday, 24 May 2007

Sun Dogs

I know that anybody is for the conversion of the astroclub into an astrometeoclub ;)... but I cannot resist the temptation to put here a meteo picture again... Last days the changing weather shows several amazing phenomena. The new meteo event posted here is a Sun Dog (parhelia) taken from Majadahonda during the 2007-05-19 afternoon. It is caused by the ice crystals hosted in the clouds when the light passes throught their side faces. The phenomena is very well described in this link. Here you can find also a SW to simulate the different ice halos that can be produced by the Sun depending on the size of the ice crystals.

Looking for some related info, I found a good place gathering this kind of images in the same way than the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) website. Of course, it is the Earth Science Picture of the day (EPOD) website!.

I promise that the next time I will post something more "astronomical"...