Thursday, 7 November 2013

2013-11-03: Solar Eclipse from Madrid and Bermuda Eclipse Intercept Flight

Few people of the club observed the hybrid solar eclipse of last week in different ways. Although only a small fraction of the eclipse was observed from Madrid, we were able to observe the eclipse despite of a persistent thick fog. Once it cleared I captured the following white light  image of the eclipse from Majadahonda at 12:45 UTC.  

At 13:53 UTC, Miguel Perez Ayucar and Elena Leiva captured this H-alpha image from ESAC. 

During the eclipse, Michel Breitfellnet captured the following image from the Quiron Hospital in Pozuelo where he was recovering from a surgery. He projected the Sun through a hole in a paper sheet and imaged it with a smart phone. At the moment, Michel is recovering at home. We are sure he will be back very soon.

Another different experience was the one enjoyed by Leo Metcalfe. He participated in an eclipse intercept flight from Bermuda and he captured the following image and video.

Information about the video is in the Leo´s channel in youtube and images of this experience are here. The APOD chosen for 2013-11-07 was captured in this flight.