Thursday, 21 February 2008

2008-02-21: Total Lunar Eclipse II

During the last night, the clouds were a big problem here in Madrid. We had a good window at the beginning of the eclipse. Therefore, the immersion in the shadow was easily visible. However, just after the totality, the conditions degraded a lot. Some open clouds permited to picture part of the totality but the emersion observation was quite difficult because the distribution and thickness of the clouds complicated seriously the imaging.

The following image was captured shortly after the maximum of the eclipse (03:31 GMT) with a 9 cm/F10 Matsukov-Cassegrain Telescope and a Canon400D in the primary focus at 1600 ISO and 5 seconds exposure.

Despite all these problems, I captured a sequence of all the eclipse. It can not be used to produce a video because the captures were not continuous. But, I hope that the individual frames can be used to produce 3D images of the sequence if finally somebody in the other hemisphere was lucky. As soon as I have more info I will post it here